Under Lock & Key

The great thing about Impossible Project films – at least the way I have been using them – is the fact that the film tends to inspire the project if you get a hold of it first. As it slumbers in your fridge, your mind is racing, trying to figure out what an appropriate subject matter will be. You can, of course, do the predictable – as was recently advertised by TIP for their orange/black duochrome, suggesting you use it for Halloween (?!). Or you try and envision something else for it, make the film part of the creation process before you have completely conceived the project.

Such was the case here. The dissonance between the yellow and the Valentines, which I intended to incorporate, led me to the idea to do a project on the superficiality of tokens of love. Valentines are often merely signed, if at all, and many times not really dedicated to anyone special, and the exchange of them has no effect on the lock which we keep on our feelings.

Under Lock & Key:

Under Lock & Key #1

Under Lock & Key #1

Scanography, post-processed in Photoshop, then transferred onto Impossible Project “Third Man Records” edition film via my Samsung phone and the Instant Lab. The results on this film are almost exactly how I envisioned them.

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