My Favorite RV

For years now, I have been coming back to this same RV; it is sitting on somebody’s lot, slowly rusting away, covered inside with poison ivy, used partially as storage for other junk. Some of the windows have bullet holes, or at least they look like bullet holes. Friends tell me it has been there even longer.

My Favorite RV:

My Favorite RV #1

My Favorite RV #1

These were photographed on my Canon 5D II, post-processed in Photoshop, then transferred onto Impossible Project Color 600 film (Version 3.0) via my Samsung phone and the Instant Lab. It may be kind of a round-about way of doing it, but I wanted full control over the outcome and therefore didn’t want to rely on what my vintage Polaroid 600 camera would or would not give me. The results on this film are exactly how I envisioned them; I find especially the blues stunning.

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